From The Editor: "Acta Medica: A New Adventure for a Long Voyage"


  • Derya Karakoç Hacettepe University


Being the product of a great vision of the founders of Hacettepe Medical School, Hacettepe Bulletine of Medicine/Surgery was first published in 1968, giving the start to an important voyage. The journal was among the earliest samples of journals of dean’s offices of both medical and non medical schools; indexed in national and international catalogues. The journal served not only to publish high quality papers, but also to encourage next generations to work for the promotion of science.

Starting from 1983, the voyage continued under the name of Hacettepe Medical Journal and then changed the name to Acta Medica in 2012.

This time Acta Medica is taking a new adventure in an online form under the new web page. Feeling both the proud and the responsibility of being the continuation of this important mission, Acta Medica is now getting organized under the catchword of ‘from the seniors to the students’ with the theme of ‘fidelity’. We thank to all previous editors and contributers. Besides continuing to be a journal of sharing and promoting medical sciences, we take the mission of bridging; between the seniors and the students or as the first editor mentions in this ‘fertile soil’ between the lands of the world or between the strong roots and the delicate leaflets.

We will try to take the adventure for a limited time, but the voyage will continue towards further, to the best…


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