Proceedings in Acta Medica


  • Şule ÜNAL
  • Yeşim ÖZTAŞ
  • Ümit YAŞAR


Acta Medica, as an online open access journal, has completed the third year in the scientific field in 2014. In Volume 3, compared to Volume 2, the number of articles accepted for publication increased by about 30% reflecting the increased submissions. In Volume 3, of the articles, the distribution according to submission type in terms of case report, original article, review and other types was 32%, 27%, 23% and 18%, respectively. As Acta Medica, we would like to thank all authors and reviewers who were involved in the progression and improvement of Acta Medica. We would like to specifically mention the support of Prof. Murat Tuncer, Rector, Prof. Bülent Sivri, Dean, and Prof. Mustafa Aldur, Associate Dean of the Medical Faculty of Hacettepe University, whose continuous encouragement and support create us an innovative and independent environment. Additionally, we also thank Hakan Balcı and Engin Helvacı for their admirable technical help. In 2014, the second “Scientific Writing Course” was established with great contribution of Prof. Levent Ozcakar. The course was very much inspiring to the attendants and we received extensive positive feedback. The total number of applications to the second course was 66, however we were able to accept 40 applicants for the course. The topics included techniques for manuscript writing, strategies for manuscript submission, revisions of manuscripts submitted to Acta Medica by Prof. Levent Ozcakar, presentation by HT-TTM Project Office, EndNote by Asist. Prof. Ceren Sucularlı, and SPSS by Dr. Sevilay Karahan. In 2015, we are planning to organize “Scientific Writing Course” for the third time on March 14th with the planned applicant number of 75. A very special day for Turkish physicians will be the day of our course. We plan to introduce you the experienced Editors of very valuable medical journals in Turkey, in addition to an overview of EndNote and Biostatistics. This year we had two more motivating advancements. First of all, we had the opportunity of having a Language Editor. Assist. Prof. Sinem Hüsnü, one of the enthusiastic attendants of the “Scientific Writing Course” later became the Language Editorfor Acta Medica and joined our Editorial Team. We appreciate Dr. Hüsnü’s passion and dedicated contributions. Secondly, an EndNote style was added to Acta Medica’s web page with kind efforts of Dr. Ceren Sucularlı. You can follow the newly accepted articles through our twitter account of @ActaMedica. We hope the number of followers will increase with your interest. Acta Medica, has targets anymore in terms of proceeding. The more submissions made to Acta Medica, the more chance Acta Medica has to be a journal involved in databases. We want you to accompany our passion, witness and be a part of the successes of Acta Medica. 


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